In Search Of Mozart

In Search Of Mozart

In Search of Mozart traces the composerís life through his music and extensive correspondence. From K1a to K626 (Requiem), over 80 works are featured in chronological order, revealing striking parallels between the music and Mozartís own experiences. Throughout, it is the music that takes centre stage, with the jigsaw of Mozartís life fitting around it. With rigorous analysis from musicologists and experts such as Jonathan Miller, Cliff Eisen, Nicholas Till, Bayan Northcott and the late Stanley Sadie, a new, vivid impression of the composer emerges. It dispels the many common myths about Mozartís genius, health, relationships, death and character, to present a new image, very different from Milos Formanís Amadeus.

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Director:Phil Grabsky

Starring:Frank Adams-Brown, Debbie Arnold, Sean Barrett

Release Date:28/11/2016

Programme Length:2 hrs, 9 mins

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