Madame Butterfly (Live) Teatro Alla Scala, Milan

Madame Butterfly (Live) Teatro Alla Scala, Milan

Madame Bufferly first saw the light of day in La Scala in February 1904, and was hotly contested. It was certainly the victim of an ambush organised by enemies of the composer and his editor, but perhaps also to the surprise of the audience faced with a crude and innovative opera, they were witnessing the very latest developments in European musical theatre. That very same year, Puccini revised and restaged the opera for performances at the Teatro Grande in Brescia to great acclaim. Madame Butter y quickly became a hugely popular opera with performers and audiences alike, and remains one of Pucciniís most performed works to date. Riccardo Chailly will conduct the original version of Madame Butter y, marking this the rst time the performance has returned to La Scala since itís debut. This signi es an act of contribution towards Puccini but above all, alongside the subsequent variations, an opportunity to rediscover the opera that is more audacious in its dramaturgical design. The performance will be directed by Alvis Hermanis, who has already been hailed at La Scala for his new productions of Zimmermannís Die Soldaten and Verdiís I due Foscari, and the cast orbits around Cio-Cio-San played by Maria José Siri, an emerging soprano on the greatest international stages.

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Director:Alvis Hermanis


Release Date:07/12/2016

Programme Length:2 hrs, 40 mins

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